Attracting Premium Candidates

It is inevitable for candidates to leave jobs due to natural attrition, but how do companies attract premium candidates who will truly bring value and take their department forward?

When it comes to attracting premium candidates, five major areas spring to mind

  1. Branding. What is the company about, and what can be disclosed when approaching candidates to reflect the company’s principles and vision? The stronger your reputation, the easier it will be to capture top talent.
  2. Trust. Implementing trust during the recruitment process is critical as it endorses effective decision-making, engages candidates, maintains confidentiality, and fosters long-term commitment.
  3. Proactive interviews. Nail your interview process by internally planning what good looks like with your team. Be efficient, provide feedback, interact with your recruitment partner, and give the candidate an opportunity to interview you.
  4. Decisiveness. When it comes to attracting top candidates, the speed with which a company makes decisions is essential. If you have carefully planned, you will know how to influence effectively.
  5. Compensation. The most talented candidates understand their worth and expect an organisation to go above and beyond to secure their employment. Don’t cut corners; work with your recruitment partner to create a compensation package that will blow the candidate away!


With a proven track record of delivering the right solution each and every time, AssureBio guarantees a positive customer experience, enabling trust from initial engagement through to after-placement support and delivering a diligent, tailored partnership to support the continued growth and development of the Life Science Industry.

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