Top tips for candidates looking for work in 2023

2023 is shaping up to be one of the most unsettling, and potentially one of the most demanding, job-searching years in recent memory.

However, as talent shortages persist, QPs are at the heart of the UK pharmaceutical industry and, in our view, will ride the wave confidently. AssureBio is on a mission to provide as much assistance to job seekers as possible, and here are some bitesize tips for our QA/QP network to implement in 2023.

Have a hybrid plan

Remote and hybrid work is on the rise. Most workers want it, most companies are learning to incorporate it, and all in all the wider professional, office-based industry is shifting to a remote or hub-and-spoke working policy.

Hybrid work is also evolving as the new norm in the pharmaceutical sector, but our clients are deeply divided on the role of a Qualified Person (QP) and what flexibilities they can allow.

Benefits of working from home 
-Flexible scheduling
-Lack of commute
-Reduced anxiety/stress
-Save money
-Reduced office politics

Disadvantages of working from home 
-Struggle to switch off at the end of the day
-Difficulties with collaboration and communication
-Distractions at home
-Lose motivation

These are just a few pros and cons of working from home. However, that’s not to say every worker wants it, or every employer offers it.

So, our advice is to approach any job application with a clear idea of your ideal working routine, in which you have considered the intricacies of what will work for you.

It helps to set the right expectations for your recruitment agency and the client going forward. Never has it been so easy to negotiate a more favourable work/life balance, so make sure you do with confidence and directness.

Mobile first strategies

We appreciate that most people have their notifications turned off and like to minimise digital instructions in their day-to-day life, but you never know when an opportunity will present itself.

LinkedIn is the obvious social media channel where you will search for jobs or be contacted by recruiters on a daily basis via email or text (yes, it can be annoying!).

However, in a competitive job market like the one that awaits QA/QP Professionals in 2023, having as many digital fingers in as many pies is a good thing, so we advise you to open your job-seeking approach to being as mobile-centric as possible.

Have a CV on hand, saved on your phone or in an email, for quick deployment, and you’ll see better, faster results on job applications and feedback.

As a recruitment agency, we have to be reactive and present, especially if you are looking for contract work, so we would advise you to strike while the digital iron is hot!

Recession-proof your job search

Traditional recession-proof job-seeking tips will prioritise a few key starting points, such as focusing on growing niche job roles, or, more drastically, relocating to a place with better job prospects.

In our view, the two most effective ways to find work while the economy remains uncertain are to focus on temporary, freelance or contingent hiring, and utilising your network to do so.

Permanent employees in our QA/QP network who read this will be aware that there are numerous contract opportunities available, though they might not have thought about going in this direction.

You have the option of a short-term income guarantee, whilst still monitoring permanent opportunities. Furthermore, contingent contract work tends to pay an above-average day rate, thereby making work more financially rewarding.

Building a resilient network of peers and recruiters on social media channels such as LinkedIn to seek and take advantage of short-term, contract, and recession-proof job placements is a great way to accomplish this.

You’ll need to work with a specialist contract recruiter to understand your options, but with seasoned QA/QP Professionals in high demand in 2023, this could be the path for you.

Focus on career skills and development

To ensure your job and career security, you must do everything in your power to capitalise on the pharmaceutical industry’s rapid evolution and to the demand for particular skill sets.

This year, in our opinion, pharmaceutical companies have kept the words “upskilling” and “reskilling” in their focus as they work to develop a highly skilled workforce to support the company during the post-pandemic recovery and beyond.

We’ve frequently mentioned the issue of QP shortages in the UK, and one of the reasons we’ve saved this tip until last is to promote the upskilling of quality assurance professionals who have an ambition to become a Qualified Person.

There are options, whether a job seeker or not, to advance your career and begin your training as a QP in 2023. When you upskill, you learn new abilities and grow your competency in areas that are important to your role or organisation, both immediately, and more importantly, over the long term.

When we’re supporting candidates, maintaining a competitive edge is key from a recruitment perspective, and with countless career opportunities available to you once you become a QP, this could be the ideal time to begin your development journey.

Be reactive, be present, and open doors! 

For support on your Quality Assurance, QP career development or recruitment plans for 2023 please Contact AssureBio.